Being a seasoned wedding photographer in Delhi and native to India’s capital, ‘the wedding focus’ has helped hundreds of couples capture their love, romance, care, and passion in the most iconic pre-wedding locations in Delhi. There is a myriad of pre-wedding shoot locations around Delhi.


Since the wedding is a never-ending affair in India, especially in the national capital, given to its diversity, we thought of compiling a list of the best places for pre-wedding shoot in Delhi to help couples pro-actively talk, explore, and decide the best place for them to avoid last minutes hassles. For your convenience, we have also segregated the destinations into categories as free and paid to cover complete details about the place, entry fee, shooting charges, timings, and other general yet useful information for good decision making. We hope you will find your ideal destination.


[2022] List of 10 Free Pre wedding photoshoot Locations in Delhi NCR

Sr.Free Pre wedding shoot locations in DelhiTiming
1Yamuna GhatOpen 24 hours
2Lodhi Garden, New Delhi6:00am – 7:30pm
3Humayun’s Tomb Delhi6:00am – 6:00pm (All Days)
4India Gate, Central Delhiopen 24x7 (closed on Special Days)
5The Garden Of Five Senses9am–5:30pm (Saturday: 9am–7pm)
6The Rail Museum, ChanakyapuriOpen 24 hours
7Lodhi Art Districtopen 24x7
8Champa Gali11am–10pm (Closed on Mondays)
9Connaught Place, Central DelhiOpen 24 hours
10Hauz Khas Village & Fort10:30 am to 6:00 pm

Most scenic Free Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations in Delhi

Thanks to the nation’s diversity, Delhi is blessed with a beautiful lake, historical sights and monuments, gardens, riversides, and many other places dictating the beauty of nature as well as human’s marvelous artwork. These places demonstrate themselves as a perfect backdrop for mesmerizing photoshoots or videography for pre-weddings. Get the list of these free pre-wedding shoot locations in Delhi below:

1. Yamuna Ghat, Nestled in Kashmere Gate Delhi

Yamuna Ghat Kashmiri Gate Delhi
Yamuna Ghat, Kashmiri Gate Delhi Most Popular Free Location for Pre-Wedding Shoot

Have you ever dreamed of getting clicked boating with your ‘would-be partner’ in a river? You can fulfill your dream at Yamuna Ghat, Delhi. The ghat still mesmerizes religious views of worshiping deities in India even in the form of water/river, hence continuous to be in use. With a series of steps leading down to the water, the ‘Ghat’ looks no less than majestic land at dawn when water blended with the colors of the sunset combined.

Couple Photoshoot in Boat at Yamuna Ghat Kashmiri Gate New Delhi
Yamuna Ghat Kashmiri Gate – Couple Photoshoot in Boat

Hundreds of seagulls flocked to feed as well to the river and create a breathtaking scene. It makes the ghat a photo paradise for couples as well as photographers to get some ‘Insta’ ready pictures. A few boat drivers are also present there to ferry you across the water and back at a very nominal fee.

2. Lodhi Garden, New Delhi

Lodhi Garden Delhi
Lodhi Garden Delhi

A sprawling green park located in the heart of Delhi, Lodhi Garden boasts mesmerizing architecture and impeccable natural beauty. The garden and the structures of the place are a pure delight for the mind and soul; hence offer a perfect ambiance to be clicked in nature’s lap. Lush greenery and a cloudy sky of monsoon or a bright sunny day with frightening pathways just lift up the mood. A delight for bird lovers, you may get the best shoot with the most innocent creature in the world in a majestic way.

3. Humayun’s Tomb Delhi

Humayun Tomb Pre wedding
Humayun Tomb, New Delhi Best Pre wedding Shoot Location for Couple

A personal favorite place after India Gate in Delhi is Humanyun’s Tomb. If you will visit the place, do tell me if you get the goosebumps or not. Those who have visited Tajmahal in Agra from the south gate could relate. Humayun’s Tomb – situated on Mathura road, depicts the beauty of marvelous Mughal architecture. Long open corridors, a series of steps leading up and down to the center of the building, and its conjugated garden offer several photographic points making it the best pre-wedding shoot location in Delhi.

4. India Gate, Central Delhi

India Gate is one of the free locations in Delhi for a pre-wedding shoot. Getting clicked in front of the symbol of nationality and pride monument of India’s freedom fighters is an incredible experience itself. What could be a better place than India Gate for a couple to enjoy their bonding and emotions?

5. The Garden of Five Senses

The Garden of Five Senses is an amalgamation of man-made art amind nature. It is spread over 20 acres and is situated opposite Saket, near the Mehrauli heritage area. Away from the city life, it is a place for nature lovers as well as for architectural students to get inspired by the beauty and airmanship of the place. The beauty of the garden, giant elephant monuments, open corridors, and artistically carved pathways are some of the best elements to create mesmerizing memories and shoot for your pre-wedding. As it is designed to stimulate our five senses with its beauty and attractions and give us a chance to touch, smell, hear and see our natural surroundings, an experienced pre-wedding photographer can help you hold on to your emotions in the camera forever.

6. The Rail Museum, Chanakyapuri

Who doesn’t love re-creating Bollywood scenes with their better half? We have seen dozens of Raj-Shimran versions since snapshots, and the reals happened to social media applications. Add fun and twist to your pre-wedding shoot by selecting The Rail Museum in Delhi. The authority has kept the place open for couples interested in a unique setup and backdrop consisting of antique trains and Indian terrains operating a country-wide railway system. Make the best out of the place by exploring and being creative with your photographer for the best outcome.

7. Lodhi Art District

Lodhi Colony is already renowned for holding iconic architecture that is considered the last housing estate built by the British. St+Art India Foundation called out more than 50 renowned street artists worldwide to create a soulful representation of the landscape and people on the Colony’s walls. Now also recognized as India’s first art district, Lodhi Art District offers a range of backdrops to soothe the mind and heart of anyone. It is a perfect place to capture your courtship period with some fun, bright colors, and beautiful smiles.

8. Champa Gali

Do you want some old-school touch and an early romance with lights, pizzas, and sandwiches? You must check out Champa Gali in Saket, as it’s one of the best free locations in Delhi for a pre-wedding shoot. You could plan a dreamy date there, and to light up the shoot, the place already has mesmerizing aesthetic lights, colors, antique furniture, and old ambiance settings to make your time filmy.

9. Connaught Place, Central Delhi

Old yet Gold! Hire the best pre-wedding team and indulge in one of the best moments of your life at the heart of Delhi. Cannaught Place still holds vintage white walls and buildings, giving your shoot a scene like of seventies movie. It is still one of the best backdrop locations among couples to be captured for their courtship.

10. Hauz Khas Village & Fort

Hauz Khas Village & Fort has been one of the favorite places for couples opting for a pre-wedding shoot in Delhi. The place is an amalgamation of the fort, old buildings, a lake, and a sunset point, offering an amazing vibe of nature and history. The lush green grass, the ancient fort structure, and the huge complex make for a great location to have a pre-wedding shoot. One can also visit the Deer Park situated behind the fort and the lake.

Benefits of Choosing Free Locations for Pre-Wedding Photography

The main reason for selecting a free location for pre-wedding photography is cost. You need to pay nothing or a minimum fee to get permission for the photo shoot at a place. You can select the day or time of the day to make the most of the environment, like capturing photos in bright daylight or avoiding crowds coming into the background.

Disadvantages of Choosing Free Locations for Pre-Wedding Photography

Unlike the benefits, planning your pre-wedding photoshoot at free locations cause you many issues. Let’s check them as well:

1. No changing room

One of the disadvantages of planning a pre-wedding photoshoot at the free location is you don’t get the place to change the attire. You have to come all dressed up to a place for the shoot. And top of it, you find yourself wearing the only dress throughout your album. It also causes a little discomfort as not every place or weather is suitable to adore all kinds of attire. Free locations on the list are mostly outdoors. Not having a changing room or using public toilets to change the dress would otherwise ruin the entire mood at the end. Some of you may consider hiring a vanity van service, but it adds up to your budget.

2. No control over the crowd

You want your pre-wedding photoshoot to be an intimate affair, but it may not bring the imagined experience due to selecting a free location. The places are already top tourist destinations. Being a national capital, Delhi always has visitors exploring the city, architecture, monuments, arts, and other creative adventures. Hence, you will never have control over the crowd sneaking into the photo frame. Moreover, you or your partner may not feel comfortable photographing yourself around hundreds of thousands of unknown people. The mob is always known for creating many awkward moments you would want to avoid at any cost.

3. Time Taking Process

Not every day is equal, neither couples nor their preferences. Some want to go romantic, whereas some want to go crazy. Some like to be captured naturally, while others want to be captured with props. Making all the arrangements and preparing for the perfect frame and storyline is a time taking process. Being in an open door and crowdy place, we need to buy some extra time so that only candid moments are created for the client. However, with our experiences with clients, it is tough to look natural and comfortable for the camera.

4. Restrictions/Resistence

India Gate, Connaught Place, etc., are the places prone to restrictions or resistance. Being the national capital of India, these places are always on high alert. You may have availed permission from the authority, but an unknown happening within the city or throughout the country could lead to a sudden stop or postponing your pre-wedding session to another day.

Henceforth, it is important to keep in mind all the facts and considerations before selecting free photoshoot locations in Delhi.

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