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We Capture “Unadulterated Emotions” Of Your Special Day

Using natural techniques and photographic style, we provide candid wedding photography and capture your special day’s story.

We are bound to deliver artistic photographs of pure emotions of family love, couple love, and the wishes of your BFFs in action with its depth that keeps your bond with your loved ones as strong as your marriage.

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What Is Candid Photography In Wedding?

The photographic shots that are more spontaneous and less posey are considered candid. Candid photography for weddings has become the latest photography style since it helps couples store all precious moments of their life with their families and other significant people like Boss, & BFFs in a way as it has felt. Primarily, the person getting clicked doesn’t realize they’re on camera, so natural emotions are captured.

Why Is a Candid Photographer Important For a Wedding Ceremony?

A candid photographer uses more than photographic skills such as photography framework, technical expertise, lighting skills, and other techniques and sums up all with his experience and catches more natural shots with lenses.

Right from your pre-wedding photography session to creating wedding stories, candid wedding photographers in Delhi capture moments without giving you any direction to pose. The technique adds a new and different hue to your wedding album.

Difference Between Candid And Traditional Photography?

Do you like it when a photographer says, ‘look here, smile please’ or Would you like the thought of receiving images that makes you realize when and how you were on your wedding days, beautiful pictures with natural expressions?

Of course, less posey would appeal to you and your needs. This is where candid photography service beats traditional photography. Traditional photography is right to capture a large part of a wedding to ensure every moment, and every person gets clicked.

Frequently asked Question about Best Candid Wedding Photographers in Delhi NCR

Obviously, candid photography by professional wedding photographers in Delhi NCR is the best bet for wedding photoshoots.

A normal Indian wedding guest list includes up to 150-200 people. Whereas, the number goes more than 1000 guests in a typical traditional Indian joint family wedding. Candid photographers might not be able to cover the entire crowd.

Candid wedding photographers focus only on exceptional moments, especially related to the bride and groom and their ceremonies. In those scenarios, a traditional photographer helps capture those stage poses and covers the other significant crowd of your wedding.

Candid photos come when technical details are fulfilled skillfully. It involves pre-planning to catch moments in frames when they are in action; thus, the service costs a bit more than usual. However, we customize packages based on client’s expectations. Drop us a message and get to know the best fee for your requirements.