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15+ Free Pre Wedding Shoot Locations in Shimla

You may have hundreds of thousands of selfies with your bae and may be of the locations like the top of the world? But nothing comes as close as the charismatic charm of Insta ready pre-wedding photoshoots. Correct me if I am wrong? Different feelings and emotions abound when you decide to tie the knot

Sikh Pre and Post Wedding Ceremonies, Rituals and Traditions

A wedding is undoubtedly one of the most special moments of a couple’s life. It’s an astonishing phase that leaves the couple all mesmerized. It connects people from two families and brings them so much closer to one another. Sikh marriages are considered to be one of the most enchanting marriages of all time. They

Hindu Pre and Post Wedding Ceremonies

People’s trust in the institution of marriage is unbreakable irrespective of the country they live in, the religion they follow, and the community they belong to even in the 21st century. Hindu weddings and a number of ceremonies that took place before, during, and post-wedding represent the exuberance of people celebrating culture-rich festivities. Hindu weddings

List of 15+ Popular Wedding Venues in Gurugram with Contact Number

If you are planning a wedding, the first thing you need to decide is the venue. It is because of the two main reasons. First, all the good venues get booked really fast, so you might run out of the best options. Second, the venue influences a lot of other factors in your wedding, especially


It is said that there are weddings and then there are Indian weddings! Reflecting the very culture and heritage of this country which again varies from region to region and state to state, attending weddings in India is like exploring a part of the country as the rich wedding traditions and unique customs reflect more

22+ Free & Paid Pre wedding Shoot Locations & Resorts in Rishikesh

Ever dreamt of living a fairytale while clicking snapshots? Pre-wedding shoots are one of the best possible ways to do it. Pre-wedding shoots are extraordinary and bring so many remembrances. It’s one of the cherishing parts of marriage which holds a lot of value in people’s hearts as it captures unforgettable memories. Pictures speak for

13 Popular Honeymoon Places In India for December 2021

Honeymoon Places in India in December – The honeymoon phase is an extremely special period of a couple’s life. It gives the love birds an intimate space to enjoy and explore true meanings in life. After taking the oath to spend the rest of their lives together, a honeymoon is like the beginning of an

Top 12 Famous Bridal Makeup Artists in Delhi NCR for your Big Day

If you are keeping your favourite makeup screenshots on Instagram, then hello ladies, welcome to the club! From unexpected colours, graphic liners, ultra-dewy skin, statement eyes, lush lashes, and Bourdeaux lips, makeup sure makes you a whole settled statement in itself. But, how does one find a Makeup artist (MUA) who can roll in the

10 Best Wedding Caterers in Delhi with price per plate

Delhi and food are almost synonymous because the capital city of India is known for its mouth-watering cuisines. People around the world come to Delhi to try the traditional delicacies served to the Mughal Rulers. Can you guess another word that is equally synonymous with food? Yes, we are discussing weddings. Food and weddings can

25+ Best Pre Wedding Photoshoot Locations in Jaipur 

What’s more unique than creating remarkable memories with your beloved? Well, speculate it or not, pre-wedding photoshoots have become a thing now and we’re here for it. Along with a picture, comes timeless memories, and creating those memories with your loved one is like a cherry on top. Pre-wedding photoshoots are one of the nicest

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