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10 Best Bridal Lehenga Shops In Delhi

As a to-be bride planning your wedding, you might be worried about not finding the exact bridal lehenga available at shops that you have always had in your mind while growing up and intricately saving the latest designer bridal lehenga sketches on your Pinterest board. A bridal lehenga that suits you and your personality, and

How to Plan your Intimate Wedding During Covid19

You have probably been thinking about this special day for a long time now. But it’s very likely that you weren’t anticipating the untimely arrival of the infamous Covid-19. Due to this unfortunate fiasco of coronavirus, everybody from the couple-to-be-married to the wedding planners has to make changes in their processes and expectations. Surely, your

10 changes you will notice in wedding post-COVID

A wedding in our country is not any less than a festival. Scrumptious foods, riots of colours and flavours, and a medley of fragrance in the air, a wedding is a party for your senses and ‘subtlety’ and ‘mediocrity’ are words which Indian weddings have chucked out of the window long back. It is all

10 Things You Should Remember While Hiring A Wedding Photographer

Weddings are indeed one of the greatest events and milestones of human lives. Starting a brand new life with the one you love is indeed a joyful affair and commemorating it in the best way possible is a very crucial part of your wedding planning process. Your wedding day will be filled with moments that

Wedding Dates in 2021

Indian weddings are filled with a riptide of emotional celebrations and wedding activities. However, in the year 2020, we were all bummed out by the wedding cancellations as governments from all over the world came up with so many rules for gatherings. Getting married during a pandemic situation is nobody’s original dream. Going from planning