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15+ Free Pre Wedding Shoot Locations in Shimla

You may have hundreds of thousands of selfies with your bae and may be of the locations like the top of the world? But nothing comes as close as the charismatic charm of Insta ready pre-wedding photoshoots. Correct me if I am wrong? Different feelings and emotions abound when you decide to tie the knot

25+ Best Pre Wedding Photoshoot Locations in Jaipur [2023]

What’s more unique than creating remarkable memories with your beloved? Well, speculate it or not, pre-wedding photoshoots have become a thing now and we’re here for it. Along with a picture, comes timeless memories, and creating those memories with your loved one is like a cherry on top. Pre-wedding photoshoots are one of the nicest

[2023]10 Best Free Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations in Delhi NCR

Being a seasoned wedding photographer in Delhi and native to India’s capital, ‘the wedding focus’ has helped hundreds of couples capture their love, romance, care, and passion in the most iconic pre-wedding locations in Delhi. There is a myriad of pre-wedding shoot locations around Delhi. Since the wedding is a never-ending affair in India, especially

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