As life gets back to normal in 2022, and most of holiday destinations, offices, markets, and other public focused places are open and operating, followed by hybrid or cautious culture, how come Indian weddings could stay behind? Couples waited for a long time to tie the knot the way they wanted, how they wanted, and where they wanted. As a few days have left of this year and a new year is about to catch us with its surprises and prosperities, have you checked the exclusive marriage muhurat days and dates of the year 2023?


If you are planning your marriage in 2023, the first thing you must check is wedding dates in 2023. According to Hindu Panchang, the good months to get married are Magh, Phalgun, Vaishakh, Jyeshta, and Margashirsh as per the Hindu calendar, and Panchang followed in North India. Magh month falls in January and February; Vaishakh month falls in April and May; Jyeshta month falls in May and June; Margashirsha month falls in November and December.

Finding an auspicious wedding date (shubh vivah muhurat), you may need to consult with your family Pandit, but what’s more important is deciding the months and weddings arrangement since India faces extreme weather conditions which influence the complete emotions of a wedding ceremony. To help you in this, we are sharing the list of hindu wedding dates 2023 based on months to help you decide the best day of your life.


List of Auspicious Wedding Dates (Shubh Vivah Muhurat) in 2023

According to Hindu Panchang and under the guidance of Astrologer Pandit ShivKumar Sharma. here is the full List of Month wise 2023 Marriage Muhurt with Date and Timing for Hindu Weddings.

MonthAuspicious Hindu Marriage Dates in 2023
September 2023 No Muhurat
October 2023No Muhurat
November 202323, 24, 27, 28, 29
December 202303, 04, 07, 08, 09
January 202417-Jan, 18, 21, 22, 29, 30, 31
February 202401-Feb, 04, 06, 14, 17, 18
March 202402-Mar, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08

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Note: All 2022 Wedding Muhurat list are taken from Hindu Panchang and prepared by Acharya Shiv Kumar Sharma (Highest Rated Astrologer at if you are looking for Matchmaking for Boy/Girl by Date of Birth Visit Destiny Light global Services.

Hindu Wedding Dates in January 2023

January 2023 Marriage Muhurat: 19-Jan, 25-Jan, 26-Jan, 27-Jan, 28-Jan, 30-Jan, 31-Jan

January represents new beginnings and presents the perfect opportunity to highlight a milestone like a wedding. The first month is considered the “doorway” to the new year, and precisely why it matches perfectly with weddings, as they mark the beginning of your new life as part of a married couple.

This is a theme that you can carry through your entire wedding! India faces extreme winter and cold during the month, but that’s the beauty one can cherish in their wedding. As Indian weddings are known to be fat, and brides and groom have to wear heavy clothes, it is a perfect time to adorn the look without getting tired.

Another advantage is you can plan your honeymoon just after the marriage as it’s a new year month and most beaches have good sunny sides to accommodate newly married couples with ultimate privacy and luxury for their special vacations with a good discount or facilities..

Sr.2023 January Wedding DatesWedding Day
119 January 2023Thursday
225 January 2023Wednesday
326 January 2023Thursday
427 January 2023Friday
528 January 2023Saturday
630 January 2023Monday
731 January 2023Tuesday

February 2023 Hindu Wedding Dates

February 2023 Marriage Muhurat: 01-Feb, 06-Feb, 07-Feb, 08-Feb, 09-Feb, 10-Feb, 16-Feb, 17-Feb, 22-Feb, 26-Feb-2023

Since it’s known as the most romantic month on the calendar, it seems fitting to give weddings an extra special celebration in February. As marked the end of India’s winter season, the climate of February across the country is cool as opposed to the following months.

The weather condition makes the month a perfect time to get married. For the ones who like pleasant weather with dry, cool, and sun by their side, you must check for wedding muhurat in 2023 for February month. Since “Valentine’s Week” falls under the month, many couples like to get married on this month. A wedding followed by a Honeymoon in the month across the country offers a memorable experience to the couple as well as to their families.

SrFebruary 2023 Wedding DatesWedding Day
101 February 2023Wednesday
206 February 2023Monday
307 February 2023Tuesday
408 February 2023Wednesday
509 February 2023Thursday
610 February 2023Friday
716 February 2023Thursday
817 February 2023Friday
922 February 2023Wednesday
1026 February 2023Sunday

March 2023 Hindu Wedding Dates

March 2023 Marriage Muhurat: 09-March-2023

March is a really great time of year in India. Though it gets quite hot at midday or later days in the month, but generally, the weather is ideal, and it hardly rains. Hindu’s one of biggest festivals “Holi” also falls in this month. Usually, auspicious wedding muhurat 2023 are also available in the month of March.

As the month offers an amalgamation of cool plus sunny days, right from shopping to wedding preparation and adoring oneself with all traditional and fancy dresses is easily carried by all age and cultures of to the people. Hence, getting married in March is also the best time in India.

SrMarch 2023 Wedding DatesWedding Day
109 March 2023Thursday

April 2023 Hindu Wedding Dates

April 2023 Marriage Muhurat: No Muhurat in April 2023

Mark as the beginning of summer in India, still people in India prefer to get married in this month. Also being summertime, the month offers a perfect opportunity for couples and families to get great discounts on venue bookings and arrangements.

Though the sun remains bright all day in April, the nights are pleasant and blooming, making it the right time to indulge in wedding ceremonies. The month also rarely sees rain, and that makes the month a good time for Indian families to plan their kid’s marriage and accommodates their long list of guests. However, this year no wedding dates fall in this month. You must check other summer months to plan an auspicious wedding this summer.

May 2023 Hindu Wedding Dates

May 2023 Marriage Muhurat: 03-May, 04-May, 07-May, 09-May, 10-May, 11-May, 12-May, 17-May, 21-May, 26-May, 27-May, 28-May, 29-May, 30-May

Despite being a very hot month in India, the month of May receives several wedding muhurtham dates in 2023 according to Hindu astrology. As the month also begins with kids’ holidays in school, and daily life gets slow a bit in the month due to heat waves flowing all across the country, Indian families plan to accommodate the near and dearest ones at the wedding.

The month makes it easy for the extended family to come, join, and have fun in the functions and participate in a week-long wedding ceremony with complete peace of mind. Kids get free time from schooling, and it offers a break to their parents to spend time with their families at their native homes.

Don’t consider the month as the off-wedding season. Due to the above-mentioned fact, May is considered to be the highly active and busiest month of the year when Indian weddings are accommodated, especially among families in the Northern part of the country.

SrMay 2023 Wedding DatesWedding Day
103 May 2023Wednesday
204 May 2023Thursday
307 May 2023Sunday
409 May 2023Tuesday
510 May 2023Wednesday
611 May 2023Thursday
712 May 2023Friday
817 May 2023Wednesday
921 May 2023Sunday
1026 May 2023Friday
1127 May 2023Saturday
1228 May 2023Sunday
1329 May 2023Monday
1430 May 2023Tuesday

Hindu Wedding Dates in June 2023

June 2023 Marriage Muhurat: 03-June, 05-June, 06-June, 07-June, 08-June, 11-June, 12-June, 22-June, 23-June, 25-June, 27-June, 28-June-2023

Though the month of June is considered the last month of the year when wedding season in india comes to be on hold, the month also marked the end of the summer in the country with little or no rain; hence offers the perfect opportunity for families to plan wedding ceremonies in this month too.

Besides the heat in the weather, enthusiasm and energy don’t fade among the couples and their friends and families.

SrJune 2023 Wedding DatesWedding Day
103 June 2023Saturday
205 June 2023Monday
306 June 2023Tuesday
407 June 2023Wednesday
508 June 2023Thursday
611 June 2023Sunday
712 June 2023Monday
822 June 2023Thursday
923 June 2023Friday
1025 June 2023Sunday
1127 June 2023Tuesday
1228 June 2023Wednesday

Hindu Wedding Dates in November 2023

November 2023 Marriage Muhurat: 23-Nov, 24-Nov, 27-Nov, 28-Nov, 29-Nov
SrNovember 2023 Wedding DatesWedding Day
123 November 2023Thursday
224 November 2023Friday
327 November 2023Monday
428 November 2023Tuesday
529 November 2023Wednesday

Hindu Wedding Dates in December 2023

December 2023 Marriage Muhurat: 03-Dec, 04-Dec, 07-Dec, 08-Dec, 09-Dec-2023
SrDecember 2023 Wedding DatesWedding Day
103 December 2023Sunday
204 December 2023Monday
307 December 2023Thursday
408 December 2023Friday
509 December 2023Saturday