You have probably been thinking about this special day for a long time now. But it’s very likely that you weren’t anticipating the untimely arrival of the infamous Covid-19.


Due to this unfortunate fiasco of coronavirus, everybody from the couple-to-be-married to the wedding planners has to make changes in their processes and expectations. Surely, your wedding day is definitely one of the most important days in your life but sometimes we have to adjust and such is life. However, with all its restrictions and limitations, you can actually have a decent wedding and stop corona from ruining your wedding day.


Here are some tips for you to plan a wedding that would be memorable for you and your guests, and safe for everybody involved.

1. Guests Access/Reassess

A long guest list is very much in the social fabric of an Indian wedding. However, with COVID-19 putting so many restrictions on gatherings, it might be a good idea to approach your guest list with a more critical eye. There are certain rules in place due to the pandemic that has hit us.

A wedding isn’t that much different from any social gathering, and thus, the rules apply to it as well. However, everyone understands how important wedding ceremonies are to the couple as well as their families and guests. Therefore, the authorities have decided to give ceremonies like this a leeway. Make sure that there are not more than 50 guests at one time as that is the limit imposed by the government. Invite only your closest family and friends. You can always throw a bigger party when the pandemic is behind us.

2. Talk to your vendors

Talking to your wedding vendors like your wedding photographer, caterers, wedding decors, etc. is crucial so that you are on the same page regarding the plan of the wedding. If you originally planned for a bigger wedding and went for an intimate do later, let your wedding vendors into the event, as the COVID-19 hasn’t been kind to the wedding community as a whole too. Stay true to your words and you will see that they pull in to contribute towards a stunning wedding too. Also, communicate in advance about the safety standards that you are expecting on your special day.

Moreover, you have to try and get your venue to be open enough to facilitate social distancing. That means having fewer stalls, and proper safety measures. It is recommended that you talk to your vendor and come to a mutual understanding as it will make your wedding a success and as safe as possible.

3. Shop online

Whenever there’s a wedding, there are a lot of things to be bought – dresses, gifts, sweets, and whatnot! However, due to lockdowns and closed shops, it can get very hard for you to locate things that you want to buy. That is where online shopping comes in. You can order anything online and you wouldn’t have to set foot outside.

Moreover, it is a lot safer to shop online as there is no risk of transmission. In times like these, it is partly our responsibility to ensure that we take actions that are safe and guided by reason. Shopping outside is something that should not be encouraged due to the risk of transmission. Many e-commerce websites are offering ways of delivery that eliminate the risk of COVID-19 transmission. On the other hand, you don’t have to shop online from e-commerce giants. You can always dial your local shopkeepers and ask them to deliver to your doorstep.

4. Support local

Local businesses have taken a hit due to a fall in shoppers amidst lockdowns and the corona pandemic. Thus, as responsible citizens of India, it is up to us as well it is up to our government to support local industries and businesses economically. We have to become conscious of what we buy and from where we buy.

After identifying the source of the products that we buy, we can make a conscious decision of changing the source. After all, it is our neighbors and friends, whose businesses and trades have been most affected by lockdowns and the fear of corona. And it becomes imperative for us to put an effort into the revival of their businesses. A wedding is a ceremony that requires a diversity of materials and products, and thus, it becomes the perfect opportunity for us to show our support and love to our local businesses.

5. Be flexible

It’s important for us to understand that we can’t go full guns blazing as there are certain restrictions imposed due to the COVID-19 situation. Thus, it becomes very important for us to be flexible even when it comes to a grand ceremony like a wedding. Weddings in corona times are all about adjustment and flexibility. You cannot invite everyone to your wedding and it can’t be as grand as it would’ve been in normal times.

However, you can still have a good time with close friends and family with moderate luxuries and lavishness. In the end, a wedding, just like any other social gathering, is about the company of your loved ones. You might even end up enjoying your compact wedding more than a rich and lavish one. Moreover, you can even try different styles of weddings from cultures across the globe. You can have an American wedding where guests are very limited and the structure of the wedding ceremony is completely different. The options are endless.

6. Consider weekday wedding

Weekday weddings might not sound good on the surface, but they are a really great idea for these times. It has been observed that in many states, the government is imposing lockdowns during the weekends, and thus, having a wedding on a weekend can be a bit of an issue. However, a weekday is just the right time for a wedding as the market is open and you can get whatever you require urgently. These last-minute purchases are pretty common during wedding ceremonies, especially in India.

Moreover, as we have to keep our guest list short, a weekday can act as a filter for that. Only people who are closest to you will make time for you on a weekday to attend your wedding. This is an odd perspective but it’s important to find the silver lining.

7. Hygiene maintenance

It’s very important to have a detailed budget for your wedding. In 2020-2021, your wedding budget will have to have a completely new dimension of hygiene maintenance. In times like these, it is very important to create a space for any gathering which minimizes the risk of contracting COVID-19, which means proper handwashing and sanitation centers throughout the location. Fun signage scattered around the wedding venue as a gentle reminder to maintain 6 feet distance is also a good idea.

8. Live Streaming

A Wedding, for most people, is a once in a lifetime experience and thus, naturally, they would want to have all the important people in their lives to be a part of that experience. However, with lockdowns and the sword of coronavirus hanging on everyone’s neck, it just might not be possible for everyone to join you in the most important ceremony of your life. But with today’s technology, almost everything is possible.

You can live-stream your whole wedding from anywhere and in this way, your loved ones who are far away can be a part of that experience. Thus, some of your guests would not even have to take the risk of traveling to the wedding venue and you’d have an even shorter guest-list. Everyone can give you their blessings or congratulate you through a screen. It’s not much, but it sure is a workaround through which some of your loved ones would not feel left out.

9. At-home ceremony

With the option of live-streaming, you can scrape off booking a venue for your wedding. You can transform your own home into a venue itself? All you need are some decorative touches, your friends and family, good food, and good vibes. However, the sky’s the limit as it’s your own venue and you can modify it however you want. You won’t even have to worry about permissions to have a wedding or anything at all.

Moreover, it’ll also be very cost-effective as the whole cost of a venue becomes null and void. Apart from that, a small party with your close friends and family can replace the big buffet and all the rituals, if you want, can happen at your home. Once the sword of coronavirus is lifted, you can always throw a bigger party.

All of these are workarounds and adjustments you can or sometimes will have to make if you plan a wedding during the pandemic. However, for those who have always wanted to have an intimate wedding, the situation of coronavirus is nothing less than an opportunity. You can have a really intimate wedding and no one would ever be able to complain! Invite the people who are close to yourself, bring something to eat and make your wedding a moment which you will remember for a lifetime.