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The perfect intimate wedding checklist

There are weddings and then there are Indian weddings! We Indians do not know how to play it low key when it comes to celebrating wedding days and Indian weddings are filled with colorful and beautiful celebrations filled with innumerable traditions and customs. But with the recent pandemic that has engulfed us with a sense

What to expect at weddings post COVID?

With the covid-19 pandemic that has hit the wedding industry very hard, when the wedding venues are closing, vendors are going out of business, and couples are rescheduling their wedding days, we are thinking how weddings are going to look like post covid. As an antidote to fear, and navigating through the uncharted waters, more

How to Plan your Intimate Wedding During Covid19

You have probably been thinking about this special day for a long time now. But it’s very likely that you weren’t anticipating the untimely arrival of the infamous Covid-19. Due to this unfortunate fiasco of coronavirus, everybody from the couple-to-be-married to the wedding planners has to make changes in their processes and expectations. Surely, your

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