There are weddings and then there are Indian weddings! We Indians do not know how to play it low key when it comes to celebrating wedding days and Indian weddings are filled with colorful and beautiful celebrations filled with innumerable traditions and customs. But with the recent pandemic that has engulfed us with a sense of fear is making more and more Indian couples to opt for small weddings.


But having a small wedding does not mean the party spirits order wedding celebrations will be any less as there are many inspirational small wedding ideas that can transform your wedding day with wow factors.

If you are an Indian couple who are planning their small wedding in Delhi, be ready to relax and create an enjoyable atmosphere for your closest people on your wedding day with the best of small wedding checklist details.


Here are some of the favorite intimate wedding checklist pointers from over the years:

1. Small guest list

The first step for hosting a low-key wedding is to invite the closest people who will help to ensure that you are really comfortable and relaxed on your wedding day without feeling restrained or obligated. You and your partner need to sit together and develop parameters for cutting down the wedding guest list and choose the ones who will be genuinely happy for your new life and brand new beginnings.

An intimate wedding is only intimate when you have a small guest list and hence you should not feel terrible about choosing the people who truly mean something to you.

2. An alternate wedding venue

The plethora of options that open up when you choose to have an intimate wedding is truly priceless. It is truly amazing to see the relaxation and flexibility that comes with this decision for your wedding day.

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Starting from restaurants to historic wedding venues to terrace or waterfront restaurants to hosting your wedding in your own backyard or in the native home you grew up in, the endless list of unique spaces that open up in front of you as options for hosting your wedding is truly inestimable. While hosting a lowkey wedding, choose a place that holds meaning to you as a couple which wouldn’t have been otherwise possible in case of a bigger guest list.

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3. Endless food and beverage ideas

The vibrant and colorful food and beverage ideas for small weddings truly make it an unforgettable affair for all the guests attending your big union.

From creating signature cocktails for refreshing beverages to creating a champagne tower for your small guest list to nominating your aunt for making the best wedding mithai and desserts to inviting your cousin to be the chef of your wedding day, and asking your photographer friend to click candid wedding portraits, the endless inspirational food and beverage ideas for intimate weddings make it a phenomenal event.

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4. Wedding attire

Your choice of bridal wear tells a lot about your wedding along with your unique personality and sense of style. When you have decided to host a small wedding, you might want to skip you are Sabyasachi lehenga dream and opt for something sustainable and suitable for your small wedding theme.

Without compromising on elements of opulence and sophistication, go for wedding attire (Read: Wedding costumes of different states) that contributes towards sustainable living like renting your bridal lehenga or going for a second-hand bridal lehenga that can effortlessly fit with the entire wedding setting.

Helping you to be in sync with your low-key wedding theme, sticking to understated and minimalist wedding attire can speak volumes for your intimate wedding theme.


5. Swap old traditions

Skipping what isn’t important is a great part of having an intimate and low-key wedding day. Swapping old wedding traditions with new ones without compromising on your sentiments is a great way to incorporate unique wedding elements like ‘weddings without Barat’ or go paperless with ‘e-wedding invites’ themes.

You can also opt for a restaurant or a party room instead of a traditional reception venue and save on wedding rentals and catering vendors (Read: Wedding caterers in delhi with Price per plate) . Also, pre-owned bridal lehengas can be a great way to cut short and the wedding budget and invest it in something more meaningful without compromising on elegance and style.

6. Introduce DIY elements

From DIY floral arrangements and entertainment units to handcrafted wedding decor inspirations, you can ask your friends and family to join hands and make your wedding day memorable with shared experiences. Ask your friends and family to get decor elements for your wedding day instead of investing in them and create your own customized setup.

Your wedding will feel greatly personalized and with each element, there will be a feeling of ‘you’ in every corner. From asking your younger cousins to entertain everyone to request your friends for handing out beverages, there are many DIY ideas for small weddings in Delhi that can be perfect for an intimate wedding.

7. Creating the perfect ambiance

You can invest in good lighting and decor that can be the crucial elements for creating the perfect ambiance in an intimate wedding. Optimum lighting plays a vital role in setting the celebratory mood during evening celebrations and similarly, wedding decorations shine brightly during day wedding celebrations. The creative wedding decor ideas for your intimate wedding day need research and every idea can double as striking decor if planned well.

When you decide to host a small wedding in Delhi, you can include a plethora of creative options and include every inspirational and artistic detail without thinking twice about the costs. The best advantage of hosting a small wedding is that you can splurge on anything and everything that you have always secretly noted on your wedding checklist. Hosting an intimate wedding in Delhi doesn’t mean that it cannot be extravagant or luxurious.

Filling up your wedding with a very personalized touch where each and every guest feels welcome and right at home, small wedding details are so precious where you can let all your creative juices flow and get a chance to interact with everyone personally which you will not get in the case of a luxurious or grand wedding.