Weddings are indeed one of the greatest events and milestones of human lives. Starting a brand new life with the one you love is indeed a joyful affair and commemorating it in the best way possible is a very crucial part of your wedding planning process.


Your wedding day will be filled with moments that will create memories and will last a lifetime. The inspirational wedding photography sessions of contemporary times and the brilliant artwork behind each photo session are surely commendable.

However, since each wedding has a different story to tell, the chemistry of each newlywed couple is different too. Capturing the very essence of a unique love story in a complete storytelling style is the best way to showcase your love in front of the world. There may be several wedding decisions that play vital roles in your wedding checklist that are unique, but however, there is one pointer in the checklist that you cannot miss, and that is having a professional wedding photographer who will capture every moment as it unfolds on your wedding day.


There are so many things that can go wrong during your wedding photography session, for instance- ending up with images that lack emotions or important photographs with very poor lighting. Hence it is very vital to remember certain things before hiring a wedding photographer in India for capturing your big wedding day. Here is a certain list of pointers that will help you in hiring a wedding photographer.

1. Wedding Photography Budget

Every wedding has a certain budget and knowing your wedding photographer’s total cost before the wedding day is very crucial. Get in touch with him and discuss whether your wedding photographer is going to charge a flat cost covering all the wedding activities, or he is going to charge as per your wedding event. Ask if there will be an additional cost in case you want something special for the wedding album, like an engagement portrait session or a bridal photography session. According to several wedding experts, your wedding photography cost should only comprise 10% of your total wedding budget.

2. Photography Style

Every photographer has a distinct and different specialty, which makes them unique. The approach for professional photography varies from one photographer to another and understanding the same is very vital. Some professional photographers might excel in photojournalism, while some photographers might love the spontaneity of candid photography.

The style of a photographer is going to be the deciding factor for your wedding photography session and therefore understanding it is very important. Every photographer works under a certain kind of lighting, whether it is natural lights or artificial lights, and figuring out what works best for your chosen wedding photographer in India who will cover one of the most important moments of your life is vital.

3. Expertise

Understanding the expertise of a certain photographer can be a tricky part, as every professional photographer has different experiences and expertise. Following certain things about your wedding photographer like the kind of topic he blogs about or his social media presence, might reveal a lot about his photography style and genre.

A certain level of photography expertise comes with a lot of experience and therefore, instead of going for a photographer who freelances during his free time, it is very important to hire a professional photographer from a well-known and reputed wedding photography brand in India to document your love story in the best possible way.

4. Portfolio

Every professional wedding photographer in India will have a portfolio that will speak volumes for his work. The pictures he has taken in the past shall help you in deciding whether you want to hire him for documenting your wedding day or not. Along with deciphering the photography style, you can clearly figure out whether he has a keen eye for details or if he is able to capture the important moments of a wedding day in the exact way that you have when looking for or not.

Whether you want a formal or a traditional wedding photography session, you can definitely check the artistic expertise of your wedding photographer before hiring him. Gaining a sense of how your photographer has captured other events, you can also avail your photographer for other activities like a post-wedding photoshoot or a pre-wedding photoshoot.

5. Technology

Every professional has a set of personal tools that are used for operating his job. Skills and talent go hand-in-hand with state-of-art technology for a professional wedding photographer to excel in his domain. Proper photo equipment along with apt knowledge is very necessary when it comes to setting a photographer apart from the rest. For example in current times, when drones are being used for wedding photography, you cannot rely on a photographer who still uses age-old technology for photography sessions.

To understand a professional photographer’s set of technology, ask them to explain to you what their camera does in case there is an absence of natural lighting, or you want to get photographed from a particular vantage point as part of your professional wedding photography session. They should be willing to explain to you how all the tools that they use come together to create a picture-perfect wedding day.

6. Reviews

Like we discussed before, you wouldn’t want to get documented by an amateur photographer on your wedding day, as the most special day of your life deserves a special kind of attention. To support this very idea, go for a professional wedding photographer who carries a wide array of recommendations from various vendors and clients that he has worked for.

You may ask your close friends or relatives for good recommendations or search online for the best wedding photographers, and go through the kind of reviews he has on his online portfolio. The best way to do this is to read the bad and good reviews and verify whether he will perfectly fit into your requirements or not.

7. Print and Digital

You might want an old fashion wedding photography to document your wedding day or innovative and modern-day photography techniques to be applied to your session. Whether you are looking for filming your entire wedding day, or you want simple digital images or you want both, you need to discuss which photography style your photographer uses efficiently and whether he will be able to fulfill your requirements.

However, going by contemporary photography styles, hiring a wedding photographer who is fluent in both digital and print photography is definitely a plus, as you can get a perfect traditional feel with beautiful photo albums as well as backup your USB device with soft copies of your wedding day portraits.

8. Personal Conviction

Until and unless you are not an influencer or a model, there is a high chance that you might not be at ease or might get conscious when you come to know that you are being filmed or photographed. Meeting the photographer in person is always an added perk as you swap stories and share laughs.

It is also very necessary to loosen up in front of the camera before the wedding day so that you look naturally at ease and there are no awkward moments to process as the wedding photographer captures every move on your wedding day.

9. Project Description

Discuss with your wedding photographer the kind of projects that you want your photographer to cover, whether it is a full day wedding or you want to have a family portrait photo session or some exclusive bridal portraits, or there is some kind of travel involved. If you want to hire an engagement photographer, he should have proper knowledge of the city that you will be operating in and its popular tourist spots and photogenic landmarks.

The goal is that your project will be determining the perfect professional photographer for your special day. Every photography project requires different expertise and knowledge, for which it is vital to discuss your requirements and needs in detail without missing out on anything.

Your wedding photographer should do more than just capturing wedding photographs, but document precious emotions that a wedding day entails in a storytelling style, to commemorate your most special day, and inspire future generations with an eternal love story. Your wedding photographs should speak thousands of emotions right through hearts without speaking anything. Capturing the most priced moments of a person’s life takes a divine level of talent, and we believe that we have the answer for all your wedding planning queries.

Probably one of the most exciting seasons of your life, engagement and wedding photography sessions are beautiful notes that say how a brand new life awaits you filled with love and joy.

Every love story deserves a collection of professional photos to document the kind of fascination and charm a couple radiates, that sets them apart from the rest. If you are looking for wedding photographers in Delhi and the rest of NCR, The Wedding Focus can be your answer for breathtaking couple portraits which can be stored as precious keepsakes, as you navigate through the uncharted waters of marriage, holding the hand of your lover.