Different states of India abide by different customs, rituals, and cultures, especially at wedding times. We do not just get to see vivid colors of various rituals and taste delicious cuisine, but also beautiful outlook of grooms and brides’ dresses.


The diversity ignites creativity and allows us to pick, mix, match, and custom dress ourselves for our special occasion of life. If this marriage season, you are in search of your unique look, then this blog could be your self-help guide. Below, we have jotted down a list of 10 fantastic wedding couple outfit ideas from 10 states in India. Take the inspiration from these ten traditional, beautiful wedding dresses from different states and dress up to enjoy the wedding function to the fullest.


Traditional Wedding Dress of Different Indian States

1. Kerala Wedding

Kerala Wedding Couple Picture
Kerala Wedding Couple Dress, Attire | IMAGE SOURCE: Framehunt

Kerla Bride & Groom Traditional Wedding Outfits

  • Bride: Kasavu Saree (White saree with a golden border)
  • Groom: Dhoti

Most of the Keralites are Malayalees. Their wedding usually takes place in the bride’s home with a huge number of guests. The bride wears a white saree with a golden border known as ‘kasavu saree.’

While giving due respect to the culture, kasavu saree is also a top pick to adorn Onam look in Kerala. On the other side, the groom wears dhoti in common. This simple and yet beautiful outfit never fails to deliver comfort and elegance.

2. Tamil Nadu Wedding

Tamil Nadu Wedding Couple Dress Image
Tamil Nadu Wedding Couple Dress, Attire | IMAGE SOURCE: Facebook

Tamil Nadu Bride & Groom Traditional Wedding Outfits

  • Bride: Kanchipuram Saree or Madurai Silk, wreath on their neck
  • Groom: Veshti/Dhoti, wreath on their neck

Tamilnadu wedding is a lot more fun and unforgettable. It takes place in big mandapams. Both the bride and the groom complete each other’s wedding look with traditional wedding outfits. Tamilian men proudly wear veshti/dhoti, whereas women dignify their wedding look with Kanchipuram Saree or Madurai Silk.

Moreover, both the bride and the groom wear a wreath on their neck. No Tamil marriage is complete without wearing the famine flowers on the women’s head.

3. Punjab Wedding

Punjabi Sikh Wedding Couple Dress
Punjabi Sikh Wedding Couple & Sikh Wedding Attire  | IMAGE SOURCE: The Wedding Focus

Punjabi Bride & Groom Traditional Wedding Outfits

  • Bride: Sherwani, Turban, Kataar
  • Groom: Lehenga or Long gowns, Chura

We recognize people who live in Panjab as Sikhs. We are already inspired by their food choices like makke ki roti & sarso ka saag and bhangra’s dance style. Still, Punjabi weddings have something to take inspiration from.

The groom complements his look with a sherwani set along with a turban on his head at the wedding, and the bride wears a lehenga or long gowns. Heavy jewelry as well as heavy chura set is also a significant part of panjabi wedding.

Bold make up and beautiful hairstyle makes them stand out among the crowd. If you want to give some extra meaning to your wedding outfit, this is one of the best choices.

4. Delhi Wedding

Delhi Wedding Couple Dress
Delhi Wedding Couple Dress | IMAGE SOURCE: TWF Photography Greater Noida

Delhi wedding dress style represents the hues of Punjabis and culture & rituals of Uttar Pradesh. Delhi’s wedding and dressing are the most common of all Hindu marriages and the most attractive.

The couple, altogether, looks stylish and traditional at the same time. If you want a combination of both western and classic look for your special day, you must go for this one.

5. Manipur Wedding

Manipur Wedding Couple Dress
Manipur Wedding Couple Dress & Manipur Wedding Attire | IMAGE SOURCE: Inastagram

Manipuri wedding is a little different from other weddings. The groom wears a typical white dhoti with a turban on the head. The bride wears a skirt, a sarong that makes the difference in her complete outfit with shall on her head attached using a small crown.

6. Bengal Wedding

Bengali Wedding Couple Dress Images
Bengali Wedding Couple & Bengali Wedding Attire | IMAGE SOURCE: Instagram

Bengali weddings are celebrated in a significant way. The rituals that are done with the bride and the groom are so attractive. The bride wears a Banarasi saree. It is usually red or green. The groom wears a full white dhoti. Both of them wear crowns on their head like a king and a queen.

7. Assam Wedding

Assam Wedding Couple & Assamese Wedding Attire | IMAGE SOURCE: momentdigitalphotography

Just like Bengali weddings, Assam wedding rituals are attractive too. Most of the northeastern states of India follow the same marriage rituals. In their marriage, both the bride and the groom wear a full-white outfit.

If you wish to maintain a color code with your partner for your wedding outfit, go for it.

8. Maharashtrian Wedding

Maharashtrian Wedding Couple Dress Ritesh Deshmukh Genelia Dsouza
Maharashtrian Wedding Couple Dress, Attire (Ritesh Deshmukh Genelia Dsouza) | IMAGE SOURCE: thebridalbox

Who in this world will not like Marrati outfits? They are just amazing when it comes to marriage. Both the bride and the groom wear dhoti. Yes! The bride wears the saree in dhoti style, giving a more traditional and aesthetic look. This is the coolest outfit idea ever.

9. Gujarat Wedding

Gujarat Wedding Couple Dress Images
Gujarat Wedding Couple & Gujarati Wedding Attire | IMAGE SOURCE: Pinterest

Gujarati outfits are the best as it gives that ancient and angelic look. The bride wears a saree in a different style, which you must try at least once in your lifetime.

The groom wears an ethnic pajama with a turban on his head. If you are a formal person looking for the most attractive outfit, this is the one you must try.

10. Karnataka Wedding

Karnataka Wedding Couple Dress Images
Karnataka Wedding Couple & Karnataka Wedding Attire | IMAGE SOURCE: theweddingscript

Here we come to the most beautiful wedding tradition. Yes, it’s a Karnataka wedding. People here are Kannadigas, and they speak a language called Kannada.

Their wedding is the most adorable one. The bride wears a saree with a band on her head. Her face is kept hidden with a peacock feather. The groom wears a white dhoti. Both wear a wreath on their neck like in the Tamil marriage.

11. Jammu & Kashmir Wedding

Kashmiri Bride Groom Traditional Dress
Kashmiri Bride Groom Traditional Dress/Kashmiri Wedding Attire | IMAGE SOURCE: Instagram

We all know Jammu & Kashmir is one of the best places in India to spend the honeymoon period, but the state’s unique wedding attire is also something to behold.

Kashmiri groom dresses himself in traditional Pheran which is made of hand-weaving finest cashmere wool ‘Pashmina’. Pheran is a long sleeved kurta embroidered with golden threads called zarbaf which is further tied up at the waist with a waistband.

The Groom complements his regal wedding look with Gordstar turban, Paazar – typical shoe of the region, and necklace made of gold, pearls or other precious stones. Whereas Kashmiri brides dress themselves in colorful and glamorous variants of the Pheran. Pheran is heavily embedded salwar kameez of zari work mixed with traditional kashmiri thread work.

The bride completes her wedding look with Tarang, Kalpush, Zoojhis, Matching dupatta, and jewelry consists of heavy necklaces, bangles and payals and special ornament called Dejharoo – akin to a Mangalsutra in other Indian cultures.

12. Rajasthani Wedding

Rajasthani Marwari Wedding Deepika Padukone & Shahid Kapoor Rajputana Look in Padmavati
Rajasthani Wedding Deepika Padukone & Shahid Kapoor Rajputana Look in Padmavati, Marwari Wedding Attire | IMAGE SOURCE: pinterest

Rajasthani wedding dresses don’t need any introduction. We all have admired and been inspired by Rajputi poshak and jewelry designs worn by Ashwarya Rai in the movie Jodha-Akbar.

Besides, Shahid Kapoor’s rajputana look in the movie Padmavati is one of the major inspirations for grooms. Rajasthani wedding is known as Marwari wedding which truly embodies bright and bold colors like red, yellow, orange, and heavy embroidery work. ( Book a team of Best Wedding Photographers in Jaipur)

13. Bihari Wedding

Bihari wedding is a colorful and vibrant event in one’s home. As the people in the state are highly accustomed to their culture, rituals and traditions, we find the true glimpse of traditional indian wedding ceremonies in the state.

Red and yellow colors are found to be auspicious and sacred hence, right from engagement ceremony to wedding day we find the bride in red or yellow colored dresses like lehenga choli and designer sarees with gold and silver jewelry.

On the other hand, kurta dhoti, kurta pajama or shirt pant are top traditional picks of groom for the marriage.

14. Uttrakhand Wedding

Garhwali (Kumaoni) Bride Groom Traditional Wedding Dress
Garhwali Bride Groom Kumaoni Traditional Wedding Attire | IMAGE SOURCE: Facebook

Traditions and culture of uttarakhand is renowned as Pahadi culture thus the wedding ceremonies of the region are also called Pahadi wedding as well as Garhwal wedding ceremonies.

Bride in Garhwal are known as Kumaoni who wears the traditional ‘Ghagri’ to complete her wedding look. Ghagri is a skirt-like dress with a ‘choli’ or blouse. The bride compliments her traditional pahadi wedding look with ‘Pichora’ or ‘Rangwali’ – a traditional odhni decorated with silver and gold tatting’s on it.

Most women also prefer to wrap designer saree as their wedding look. Pahadi men, however, dress themselves in traditionally styled dhoti-kurta or pyjama-kurta with headgear.

These different traditions in each state of our country clearly explain the unity in diversity. Though we largely differ from each other, we respect the other cultures and stay unbreakable as an Indian citizen. Now that you are familiar with these ten traditional Indian wedding couple dress ideas just knowing them is not enough.

Give each of them a try, feel the beauty of our culture through these traditional outfits, and endeavor it for your best look for your special occasion.

If you get inspiration for your best wedding look, share this blog with your friends or family members looking to donned themselves some great traditional outfits this wedding season.